Pastor Penel, my orphanage director, and Madam Pastor with their children. 

They love the Lord and live for Him, they are honest, hard-working, fun-loving, energetic, and love to pray and praise God. Our orphanage wouldn’t be what it is today without their involvement and love for the                                 Hopesters. They bless me everyday! 

Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered. Proverbs 11:25

Meet our Directors....

Many people ask about adopting the "Little Hopesters" from our orphanage.  We are not licensed to do adoptions out of our orphanage.  God's plan for our orphanage is to keep our children together as a family unit...not separating them to be raised in homes outside of Haiti.  I believe that is why He provided such an amazing house for our orphanage!!

Other people want to know about sponsorships and if they can choose a child to sponsor.  Our policy is there are no sponsorships due to the "family" atmosphere we are trying to establish.  These children look so healthy and happy...but their past abuses and suffering would break your heart.  We want each child to know how valuable they are and we believe the best way to do that is to keep gifts, compliments, attention, and affection distributed evenly to all of the Hopesters!! So, we welcome your gifts...but we ask that you give gifts to all of our kids and not just one!!  Thank you so much!!    

​The most important thing you can do for our Hopesters and staff is to pray for them. Children are such a target of the enemy...but we see such changes when we spend time in our prayer closets during intercession!!  We invite you to make a difference in a Hopester's life by spending time on your knees.  Thank you and God bless!!    

Meet the Hopesters....

I  will sing unto the Lord, because He has dealt  bountifully with me. Psalm 13:6

Jan Thompson was born and raised in El Dorado, KS.  After graduating from El Dorado High School and Butler Community College, she attended Kansas State University and got a degree in Elementary Education.  She went on to teach at Rosalia Elementary School,  Towanda Grade School, and Cornerstone Christian Academy.  She married her college sweetheart in 1980, and they had one son, Cale, in 1985.  In 1995, 3 small children, Amanda, Shelby, and Jacob joined the family.  After 18 years, the marriage ended in divorce. After much prayer, Jan went on, as a single mom, to adopt her 3 children. Due to the amazing generosity of friends, Jan was able to continue homeschooling her children.  For eight years they prayed the “Prayer of Jabez” asking God to “enlarge their borders”.  They sang songs like “Here I am, Lord” and “I Surrender All”.  One day during her morning devotions, Jan heard the Lord speak to her…”Your life is about to drastically change”.   The entire family individually heard from the Lord to pursue missions…so they went to YWAM (Youth With a Mission) in Madison, WI for missions training.  One of the stops during the missions training was Haiti…and that is where the Lord called them to return.  In 2007, Jan and her 3 teenagers sold their house, gave away almost all their belongings, packed 8 suitcases and headed to Haiti.  In 2011, a 9 bedroom, 5 bathroom house was purchased for an orphanage.  Jan is now chauffeur, the buyer for supplies, teacher, painter, team organizer, and grandma for 43 children and 23 staff (full and part-time).  She enjoys travelling back to the States where she can spend time with her parents, Don and Jean Brickley, who continue to live in El Dorado, KS.  She also enjoys spending time with her 4 grandsons, Axel, Cruz, Jonah, and Seth.  Jan also loves to speak at churches and other functions where she can share all the miraculous things God is doing in Christopher’s Hope Ministry!!  Luke 1:37…NOTHING is impossible with God!!    

Meet Jan Thompson....