What can you do to help with our future plans???  The answer is simple: JUST PRAY.  God is leading this and is calling us to do this...we know He will provide the funds.  We can't emphasize enough our need for prayer.  If you will commit to praying daily for this project...please send me a PM on Facebook or an email (jansclan@gmail.com) and let me know.  It will encourage me more than you will ever know!!  We must build a solid foundation based on prayer!!  Bless you all...thank you for partnering with us in such an awesome adventure for and with our Lord!!  

Future Plans for Christopher's Hope Ministry

For nothing is impossible with God. Luke 1:37 

Phase Two:

Keith Yeubanks, Team Leader, 

working on the new house for Micheler and family

Phase One:

Find a house to buy for the 2nd orphanage house. Rooms will need to be painted and beds constructed.  Mattresses, sheets, towels, toiletries, clothes, shoes, etc. will need to be bought (the shipment we just received from Journey Church in Gretna, NE will definitely help with all of these items!!)  Staff will need to be hired and directors for this new orphanage will need to be hired as well. This 2nd orphanage house will fall under the first license we received for #1 Hope Street Orphanage...no new applications will need to be filed with Social Services of Haiti. 

Begin a deaf school.  We will need to find deaf children in the countryside areas outside of Gonaives.  Already the deaf teachers have located 7 children who have never been to school and have had no way of communicating with their families.  We will need to hire a director for the school and get registered as a school with the Haitian government.  We also will need to build tables and benches and chalkboards for each classroom.  The CHM deaf teachers are very talented carpenters...they are excited to begin this phase!!

The team that worked on and prepared for Micheler and his family, got to greet them when they arrived at their new home! 


Christopher's Hope Ministry is named after Christopher, a 16-year-old boy who is deaf.  At #1 Hope Street Orphanage, we have a 9-year-old boy named Emmanuel who is also deaf.  We have 2 deaf teachers that are employed by CHM to teach Christopher and Emmanuel.  Recently three deaf women (friends of our deaf teachers) were murdered in Port au Prince.  My heart was broken for the families of these deaf women...and as I was praying for them, the Lord laid it on my heart to begin a deaf school and a deaf orphanage. I wrestled with the Lord day and night for almost 3 months on His plans.  Finally I surrendered to Him...after He reminded me that "Abraham went out...NOT KNOWING...where he was going"!!  (Hebrews 11:8)  God also reminded me that He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. (Revelation 21:6) It was not my place to tell Him where my journey would end...that is for Him to decide!!  And so we are now moving forward with God's plan for HIS ministry...here are the 3 Beginning Phases:

Micheler's new home for

his family.

Phase Three:

How can you be a part of the Future of Christopher's Hope Ministry....

Involved helping the family of one of the deaf women that were murdered.  The husband's name is Micheler (pronounced Meesh-uh-lay) and he has 5 children (none of them are deaf).  God provided a home right next door to me and the owner of the house agreed that if we would do the repairs, the rent would be free for one year.  A team from America came in June of 2016 and worked on the house so the family could move in. On June 21st, the family came and began their new life.  The plan is for Micheler to begin baking bread for the orphanages!! So other than getting a bakery set up for Micheler, PHASE ONE IS COMPLETE!!!